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1. “Superstate-Federal EU” or “United in Diversity Schuman’s Community of European Nations” [20 February 2021]

Prof. Michał Gierycz
Prof. David Reichardt

          Dr Klaus Wittman

Dr Filip Ludwin

   Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak

  Prof. Pablo de la Fuente

Prof. Carlos Ruiz Miguel

Dr Ewa Sałkiewicz-Munnerlyn

Dr Mirosław Boruta Krakowski

           Dr Tomasz Pysiak 

            Marcin Jeziorny 

    Prof. Ben-Oni Ardelean

2. Is the European Union based on solidarity or on a fierce economic competition between nation states? [20 March 2021]

Paweł Jabłoński, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
View Profile Paweł Jabłoński
Prof. Ben-Oni Ardelean
View Profile Prof. Ben-Oni Ardelean
Jan Sarnowski,Vice Minister of Finance

View Profile Jan Sarnowski

      Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak

View Profile Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak
Prof. Pablo de la Fuente

          Zbigniew Kiedacz

View Profile Zbigniew Kiedacz

        Dr Gergely Choboly

View Profile Dr Gergely Choboly

           Dr Paweł Selera

View Profile Dr Paweł Selera

     Prof. David Reichardt

View Profile Prof. Reichardt David

           Dr Filip Ludwin

View Profile Dr Filip Ludwin

           Prof. Karl Aiginger

View Profile Prof. Karl Aiginger

             Tomasz Pysiak

View ProfileTomasz Pysiak
Tomasz Sakiewicz, Journalist

3. Lisbon Treaty in the 12th year of its functioning [24 April 2021]

Prof. Attila Kovacs
View Profile
Prof. Frederic Allemand
View Profile
Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak
View Profile Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak
Excellency Ambassador Ole Toft
Excellency Ambassador Francisco Javier Sanabria
Excellency Ambassador Eduardas Borisovas
Excellency Dr Ewa Sałkiewicz-Munnerlyn

Senator Tadeusz Kopeć

Prof. Pablo de la Fuente
Prof. Tomasz Grosse
Rodrigo Ballester
Alexander Kulitz

4. President Macron’s Doctrine for the European Union [22 May 2021]

5. Whether and what lessons have we learned from Covid-19 pandemic in Europe? [19 June 2021]

6. Acceptance of chaotic migrations or real cooperation with poor regions neighboring with Europe? [10 July 2021]

7. Lack of equal representation by country at the European Commission. [31 July 2021]

8. How to support and to promote Christian culture and tradition within the frame of European Union? [21 August 2021]

9. Integration of Schuman followers across Europe. [11 September 2021]

10. Establishing Schuman’s Fraction at the European Parliament [16 October 2021]

11. Establishing pan-European Schuman’s media for Europe in Strasbourg. [13 November 2021]

12. Demography and values in Europe – Supporting family development and protecting every human life. [11 December 2021]