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1. “Superstate-Federal EU” or “United in Diversity Schuman’s Community of European Nations” [20 February 2021]

Prof. Michał Gierycz
Prof. David Reichardt

          Dr Klaus Wittman

Dr Filip Ludwin

   Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak

  Prof. Pablo de la Fuente

Prof. Carlos Ruiz Miguel

Dr Ewa Sałkiewicz-Munnerlyn

Dr Mirosław Boruta Krakowski

           Dr Tomasz Pysiak 

            Marcin Jeziorny 

    Prof. Ben-Oni Ardelean

2. Is the European Union based on solidarity or on a fierce economic competition between nation states? [20 March 2021]

Paweł Jabłońki, Vice Minister

3. Lisbon Treaty in the 12th year of its functioning [24 April 2021]

4. President Macron’s Doctrine for the European Union [22 May 2021]

5. Whether and what lessons have we learned from Covid-19 pandemic in Europe? [19 June 2021]

6. Acceptance of chaotic migrations or real cooperation with poor regions neighboring with Europe? [10 July 2021]

7. Lack of equal representation by country at the European Commission. [31 July 2021]

8. How to support and to promote Christian culture and tradition within the frame of European Union? [21 August 2021]

9. Integration of Schuman followers across Europe. [11 September 2021]

10. Establishing Schuman’s Fraction at the European Parliament [16 October 2021]

11. Establishing pan-European Schuman’s media for Europe in Strasbourg. [13 November 2021]

12. Demography and values in Europe – Supporting family development and protecting every human life. [11 December 2021]