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Schuman’s Debates on Renewing the European Union

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Let us create a real platform for pan-European dialogue,
without being closed in narrow circles.
Such formula of pan-European debate allows to create a climate and style of
dialogue, similar-to that one,
which was implemented by Robert Schuman,
in the spirit of the Community of European Nations.

The European problem cannot be solved by a drastic process of economic and political reorganization which would create a federal unity – the United States of Europe […] Europe owes its unique character to the fact that it is and has always been a society of nations, each intensely conscious of its own social personality and its own political institutions and laws, but all united by a common spiritual tradition, a common intellectual culture and common moral values […] It is only by the recovery of these common traditions and values and in the strengthening of them that Europe can be saved” [Robert Schuman]

My idea is not to merge States to create a Super State. Our European States are a historical reality. From a psychological point of view, it would be impossible to do away with them. Their diversity is a good thing and we do not intend to level them down or equalize them” [Robert Schuman]

To our mind, European policy is certainly not in contradiction with the patriotic ideal. It encourages the particular-nature and characteristics of each of its states and fosters the sound love for one’s own country which is a love that does not go in detriment of other countries. It wants to attain a unity in the fullness of its diversity” [Robert Schuman]

How are these debates organized?

  • Over the entire year 2021 will take place 12 debate-meetings on MS Teams internet platform. Our MS Teams Help Desk team will assist you connecting debate platform.

  • First debate meeting will take place on 20 February 2021 and last one on 11 December 2021.

  • Each meeting will last 4 hours and will be conducted in English.

  • For each topic of the meeting are dedicated about 8 detailed questions.

  • Each question will be hesitated by one speaker and one disputant.

  • For each question to be answered are allocated 30 minutes.

  • Speaker will talk over 15 minutes then 10 minutes will be taken by disputant and 5 minutes for additional questions from audience.

  • The proposed method of conducting the debate is to ensure the presentation of many opinions, thus maintaining the character of dialogue and discussion instead of individual statements or lectures.

  • Over one meeting there will be chance to speak for people from about 16 European countries.

  • By giving the floor to representatives of sixteen countries during one debate, we create a real platform for pan-European dialogue without being closed in narrow circles.

  • Such formula of pan-European dialogue allows to create a climate and style similar to that one, which was implemented by Schuman in the spirit of the Community of European Nations.

  • You can register yourself as a speaker, disputant, participant, or journalist on the website in the folder “Debate Renewing EU”.

  • On that website, we call as well for the papers, which may be delivered by speakers, disputants, or participants.

  • The papers will go through reviewing process, which will be finish by rejecting or accepting the paper for publishing on the website

  • The content of the papers can then be used to publish a report or book containing the main theses and directives as well as proposals for detailed solutions regarding the necessary changes in the EU.

Odzyskajmy Europę Schumana

Riprenditi l’Europa di Schuman; Верните Европу Шумана назад; Retire a Europa de Schuman; Recuperar la Europa de Schuman; Vezměte si Schumanovu Evropu zpět; Vezmite si Schumanovu Európu späť; Vigye vissza Schuman Európáját; Paimkite Schumano Europą atgal; Atgriezieties Šūmana Eiropā; Vzemite Schumanovo Evropo nazaj; Върнете Европа на Шуман обратно; Ia Europa lui Schuman înapoi; Vrati Schumanovu Europu natrag; Поверніть Європу Шумана назад; Ta Schumans Europa tilbake; Ta tillbaka Schumans Europa; Врати Шуманову Европу назад; Reprenez l’Europe de Schuman; Neem Schuman’s Europa terug; Huelt dem Schuman säin Europa zréck; Tag Schumans Europa tilbage; Võtke Schumani Euroopa tagasi

Nimm Schumans Europa zurück

Issues to discuss and implement in regaining Schuman’s Europe

  1. Superstate-Federal EU” or “United in Diversity Schuman’s Community of European Nations” – which model is closest to the spiritual, cultural and historical character of Europe? [20 February 2021]

  2. Is the European Union based on solidarity or on a fierce economic competition between nation states? [20 March 2021]

  3. Lisbon Treaty in the 12th year of its functioning: What adjustments are needed? Does the EU need broader unification, keeping status quo, adjust to reflect Schuman’s model and/or changed by partly utilizing Danish model? [24 April 2021]

  4. President Macron’s Doctrine for the European Union – a Real Chance to Renew Europe? Is there anything in Macron’s Doctrine common with Schuman’s approach? [22 May 2021]

  5. Whether and what lessons have we learned from Covid-19 pandemic in Europe? What changes are needed in the functionality of EU in-the-area of regulations and institutions? [19 June 2021]

  6. Acceptance of chaotic migrations or real cooperation with poor regions neighboring with Europe? What responsibility European Community should take for social and economic development of Africa? [10 July 2021]

  7. Lack of equal representation by country at the European Commission. [31 July 2021]

  8. How to support and to promote Christian culture and tradition within the frame of European Union? [21 August 2021]

  9. Integration of Schuman followers across Europe [11 September 2021]

  10. Establishing Schuman’s Fraction at the European Parliament involving political groups from all European Countries having in favor Schuman’s concept of Community of European Nations [16 October 2021]

  11. Establishing pan-European Schuman’s media for Europe in Strasbourg [13 November 2021]

  12. Demography and values in Europe – Supporting family development and protecting every human life [11 December 2021]