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Tomasz Majek Warsaw / Toruń

In 2019, I graduated in computer science at the College of Social and Media Culture in Toruń earning the title of engineer. I am currently studying at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. For several years I have been helping at the Schumans Thought Institute. I develop and manage websites and do other work related to my IT skills. I share the ideas and values disseminated by the Institute, which is why I want to take an active part in its activities.

Schuman’s Group Headquarters

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Phone: +48 575 990 686

The Institute of Schuman’s Thought is a non-profit organization (NGO).

The Institute of Schuman’s Thought set up the initiative of Pan-European Schuman’s Group to integrate all people of goodwill around common goals stated by Schuman, which is building the Community of European Nations. To achieve these goals we need financial help from many people.

If you share our values, we ask you for support (preferably regularly, e.g. every month) with any amount e.g.: 10 EUR, 20 EUR, 30 EUR, 50 EUR, 100 EUR or other amount. Thank youvery much in advance for each transfer.

Only together we will achieve the goal stated by Robert Schuman.

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