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Journey in the Footstep of Schuman
These are travels through Metz, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Maria Laach attended by “young in body and spirit” people from different nations and countries under the banner of Schuman centered in the Metz, where the house of Robert Schuman is located.

Pan-European Schuman Group
This is a platform for integrating people around Schuman’s Europe.

Debates in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Return to Schuman’s Europe
There are cyclical international conferences at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, which are employed by the followers of Robert Schuman to influence the European entities and deputies in shaping the Europe according to Schuman’s ideas.

Schuman’s Groups at the National Parliaments
Are responsible for shaping individual nations towards the Community of European Nations.

Christmas Eve Without Borders
This is a form of creating relations between citizens of different nations in the world and Europe aiming to prevent creating the ghettos.

Prayer Without Borders
This is a formation of “saints in suits” and followers of the God’s Servant Robert Schuman in the process of His beatification.

European Schuman Festival
There is an international convention for meetings and debates around a Community of European Nations based on Christian values.

Academy of Social Solidarity
Is focused on creating practical solutions, so that to implement the economic and social solidarity within nation and between nations.