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Tomasz Sakiewicz, Journalist

Tomasz Sakiewicz

He was an activist in the anti-communist underground during the communist occupation. He was one of the creators of Gazeta Polska weekly magazine in 1992.

He is Editor in chief of Gazeta Polska from 2005, creator of the portal in 2007, creator Gazeta Polska daily in 2011 and editor in chief, one of creator TV Republika and chief of the board in 2012.

He is one of the creators of Albicla Polish social media, creator club of readers Gazeta Polska, citizen movements. It is a group of media: weekly, daily monthly and different portals and TV. There are also social media and clubs of readers.

The movement of citizens around media organized by Tomasz Sakiewicz take the conservative point of view based on First Republic of Poland based on the cooperation of nations’ tradition in middle Europe.