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Robert Schuman

Robert Schuman

The Community of European Nations is a result of Robert Schuman’s ideas and concepts. He did not wish the quasi-state of Europe but Community of European Nations:

“My idea is not to merge States to create a Super State. Our European States are a historical reality. From a psychological point of view, it would be impossible to do away with them. Their diversity is a good thing and we do not intend to level them down or equalize them”

Robert Schuman

Robert Schuman, facing increasing evil and its horrible effects in the First and Second World Wars, had become a humble servant of God. He took up an effort of reconciliation between the nations through deeds which allowed to lift the borders of hate among the nations, promote brotherhood among people and forgive all harms made.

On May 9th, 1950 Robert Schuman in his Declaration put a stress on modification of economic relations in Europe in a way to allow peace to thrive, not only in Europe but also in the whole world.

On April 18th, 1951, as a result of the Schuman’s Declaration, the Coal and Steel Community was founded to neutralise the risk of consecutive wars. On March 25th, 1957 based on the Treaties of Rome, the European Economic Community (EEC) was established with the focus on economic affairs. Establishing the EEC was an important step of Europe into the direction of peace.

Implementation of the Treaties of Rome was taking place over a next few years. Robert Schuman died on September 4th, 1963 at the time of the early stage of development of the European Economic Community. It could be said that he passed away not completing his work because the aim was to build the Community of European Nations as the community rooted in the Christianity. According to Schuman a shift in the economic relations within the EEC was designed to be only the element in reaching the final goal in building the unity, solidarity and peace in Europe and in the world.

After 1963, after the Schuman’s death, the EEC has begun to develop further and in 1973 the United Kingdom joined it. Since early eighties it has not been perceived as the continuity of Robert Schuman’s vision and ideas and rather opposite, i.e. the goal became a super state, the superiority of institutions over building relations, the opposition to the Christian values (which ar e uniquely European values) and destruction of the spirit of patriotism as the love of the home country.

Finally, on February 7th, 1992 the Treaty of Maastricht was signed and the European Union has started to exist. This act is directly opposite to Robert Schuman’s concepts, vision and ideas. Schuman never told about the Union which is not a Community of Nations. The European Union is the first stage of building a super state, what Schuman warned against. The European Union in the current state is resembling in many areas the totalitarian regimes which, as we know it, put aims of the system above aims of a nation, a human and a citizen, and in that way, they are diminishing freedom. Robert Schuman indicated that every social system, civil and religious authority has a subsidiary role for people. They should serve as a platform for achievement of true freedom of a human which has been received from God. Truly, the true love between people could be only achieved in freedom and thus leading to mutual respect between the nations and to a reciprocal service.

The Christianity first has highlighted the equality of all men, regardless of class and racial affiliation, and popularized, according to the rule of Saint Benedict ora et labora, the morality of labour, assuming, that the duty to do so becomes a service to the Divine work of creation”

Robert Schuman