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Schuman’s Debates on Renwing the European Union on TV Republika

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IV European Schuman Festival

Prime Minister of the Polish Government Mateusz Morawiecki took Honorary Patronage 4th European Schuman Festival organized by Institute of Schuman’s Thought. IV European Schuman Festival (ESF4) (Online, May 2020) under the title „School of Solidary Social and Political Service” under the direction of Robert Schuman In the time frame: 9-10 May; 16-17 May; 23-24 May;…
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Robert Schuman

The Community of European Nations is a result of Robert Schuman’s ideas and concepts. He did not wish the quasi-state of Europe but Community of European Nations: “My idea is not to merge States to create a Super State. Our European States are a historical reality. From a psychological point of view, it would be…
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European Parliament resolution on the EP position regarding a conference on the future of Europe.

The European Parliament resolution adopted at the EP plenary session on the conference on the future of Europe, which took place on January 15, 2020, begins the listening stage and discussion time so that citizens from across the European Union can share their ideas, suggestions and propose their own vision of what Europe means to…
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